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The Faculty of Radiation Oncology, RANZCR, is the peak bi-national body advancing patient care and the specialty of radiation oncology through setting of quality standards, producing excellent radiation oncology specialists, and driving research, innovation and collaboration in the treatment of cancer.

The Faculty vision is to have an innovative, world class radiation oncology specialty for Australia and New Zealand focused on patient needs and quality.


  • To promote the study of and the advancement of knowledge in the field of Radiation Oncology
  • To promote and encourage high levels of skill and expertise and high ethical standards in the practice of Radiation Oncology through a Continuing Professional Development program and by other means
  • To assure the quality and rigour of training and assessment of registrars in Radiation Oncology
  • Patient orientation focusing on and advocating for the needs of consumers and the community
  • To act as an authoritative body in matters of public interest in connection with the field of Radiation Oncology
  • To foster collaboration with clinicians and other health practitioners and other persons and organisations to further or advance knowledge in the field of Oncology, and Radiation Oncology specifically
  • To encourage research in matters connected with the field of Radiation Oncology.  


Faculty Initiatives

The Faculty is committed to advocate for the best possible care for individual patients in multidisciplinary meetings and for all patients with government. We strive for best practice and ensure that patients across Australia and New Zealand receive a high-quality, timely and appropriate level of care.

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Faculty of Radiation Oncology Council 2017

Following the recent elections to the Faculty of Radiation Oncology Council, the membership of the Faculty Council from 1 January 2017 is Faculty of Radiation Oncology Councillors 2017

Faculty Publications

The Faculty's commitment to quality, continuous improvement and best practice is generally reflected in the Faculty activities. The Faculty has developed a number of key position papers with the view to achieving higher quality standard. 


Radiation Oncology Targeting Cancer Campaign

It is believed that one of the reasons for the current less-than-optimal utilisation rate in both Australia and New Zealand is the lack of awareness of radiation therapy as a treatment option. To help address this, the Faculty Council approved the development of a radiation oncology communications campaign to raise the profile of radiation oncology. The main aim of the campaign (relevant to both Australia and New Zealand) is to increase recognition of radiation therapy, and to de-mystify radiation therapy as a treatment option.