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e-Case Submission Process

RANZCR is currently in the process of implementing e-Exams in various formats, with the first e-Multiple Choice Question exams successfully conducted in August 2012, those being the Part 2 Radiology and Pathology exams. 

At this time the College is also commencing the collection of digital cases (DICOM format), initially for the e-Film Reading exams which have commenced in April 2013.  For the 2016-2018 Triennium, the Radiology Education & Training Committee and Continuing Professional Development Committee have approved the allocation of 4 CPD points, in Category 2.5C (Exam Question Development), for the submission of one e-Case (a maximum of 60 CPD points can be claimed in Category 2- Teaching, Training and Supervision for each year).  A complete e-Case comprises both clinical images and associated submission form (typed), a copy of which you must retain for RANZCR CPD audit purposes. This is a new activity for RANZCR fellows, not only to achieve CPD points, but to also be part of the huge transition in the examination process for all future trainees.

e-Cases may be submitted from any body system, imaging modality, condition category and difficulty rating. The e-Case submission form has been revised by the Radiodiagnosis Exam Review Panel (RERP) and is comprehensive and straightforward to complete.  This revised form includes a compulsory tick box in line with the AMC recommendations regarding patient confidentiality and permissions.

eCase Library Submission Form (updated January 2016) 

Further information, if required, regarding the content of the radiology curriculum can be reviewed here

Radiology Curriculum

Currently e-Cases and associated submission forms will need to be posted to the College. The Electronic Exam Advisory Group is in the process of evaluating the most appropriate solution for an electronic image archive not only for e-Exams but also e-Learning projects, e-Case library and e-Research repository requirements. This solution aims to meet the long term goals of the college from various perspectives. 
Membership support is essential to build the e-Exam case numbers and this project provides an opportunity for all to participate in the future of RANZCR radiology exams.

Please forward all enquiries to:

Madeleine Bromhead, Exams Officer