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CPD Random Audit

The College is required to audit a percentage of Fellows annually to ensure the maintenance of a high quality program. The aim of this audit is to ensure the Fellowship is professionally engaged, hence facilitating improved service and patient care.

Part of the objective of the audit process is to ascertain the feasibility and rigour of the CPD program requirements and if necessary, amend these accordingly. It is also to assist CPD participants in determining the correct way to claim and verify CPD activities.

The audit is carried out each year on the previous year’s CPD submission (e.g. the 2014 CPD year will be audited in 2015).

The Selection Process

From the list of those eligible to participate in the Continuing Professional Development (CPD) program (College Fellows and Education Affiliates); five per cent are randomly selected to be audited for that year. The selected members are then contacted and informed they are have been randomly selected for Audit and are given four  weeks to send evidence of their CPD activities.

Audit Process

If you are randomly selected for audit, you will be asked to provide evidence of your CPD activities for the relevant year. For more information about what types of evidence documents need to be provided please refer to the relevant list of accepted evidence types:

Radiology List of Accepted CPD Evidence Types
Radiation Oncology List of Accepted CPD Evidence Types

Only photocopies of evidence documents should be submitted to the College and any documents with confidential or sensitive information should also be de-identified. Documents can be submitted online using the RANZCR Learning Portal or in hard copy.

Audited members will be sent a confirmation email once their evidence documents are received. Each audited member’s CPD activities will be reviewed to determine the following:

• Has the activity been claimed correctly (category and number of CPD points)?
• Has evidence of the CPD activity been submitted?
• If evidence of the CPD activity has been submitted, was it correct (e.g. certificate of attendance for a conference)?

The assessment process can take between 2 and 4 weeks and once complete, a feedback letter will be sent to the member advising if they have passed the audit and any feedback on claiming their CPD activities and providing evidence of these activities.

For more information on the CPD program and eligible CPD activities please refer to:

2013-2015 Radiology CPD Handbook
2013-2015 Radiation Oncology CPD Program Guide