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CPD Providers

The RANZCR CPD Program is a self-directed and self-reporting program. Fellows of the RANZCR record and report on their continuing professional development activities annually. It is the responsibility of individual to select the activities appropriate for their continuing professional development and to claim the appropriate level of points.

Providers should also be aware that the RANZCR does not consider CPD activities as suitable if they promote:

  • Product brand names, particular products or modes of treatment out of proportion with their contribution to good quality patient management
  • Particular products or modes of treatment in areas of practice where accepted management standards are lacking and a balanced argument is not provided
  • Experimental treatments and methods that have not been fully evaluated by research
  • Theories and techniques which are not supported by scientific evidence or generally accepted by the medical profession. 

CPD providers and participants should ensure that there is no likelihood that the event raises the possibility of any conflict of interest or unethical behaviour on the part of the organiser or participants. Participants will also need to be provided with evidence of attendance e.g. an attendance certificate, program or receipt of payment. For more information, please refer to the College's Conflict of Interest Policy

Allocation of RANZCR CPD Points for Events

CPD providers who are running an event which will be attended by members of the RANZCR are able to apply to the College for the allocation of CPD points. Please note that the allocation of CPD points does not constitute accreditation, recognition or endorsement by the RANZCR and therefore cannot be advertised as being accredited by the RANZCR.

If you would like to apply for the allocation of CPD points for an event (conference, meeting, course, workshop etc.) please contact the College CPD team on and provide the following information:

  • Full name of the event
  • Date/s of the event (and those of any repeat events)
  • The finalised program or schedule outlining the start, finish and break times as well as session details of the event.

The CPD team will confirm receipt of your request within 2 working days and will advise the length of time it will take to process your request. Please note that requests made during the CPD submission period of December – January may take longer to process.

When applying for CPD points please also note the following:

  • Please apply at least 1 month before the event is scheduled to occur to ensure the CPD team has sufficient time to process your request.
  • Advertising and printing deadlines should be considered when applying for CPD points. The CPD team cannot guarantee that requests can be processed on short notice to meet any deadlines so providers should apply as early as possible once the program for the event is finalised.
  • If you wish to advertise your event to College members please contact for more information.
  • The CPD points allocated are only eligible for attendance at the event held on the date/s submitted. Any repeat events must be submitted to the CPD team for consideration.
  • Please advise the CPD team should there be any changes in the date/s of the event or any significant amendments to the program (e.g. finishing earlier).
  • Providers are asked to ensure they advertise the CPD points allocated to the event using the wording provided by the College.

Please contact or telephone +61 2 9268 9751 if there are any questions regarding the allocation of CPD points.