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e-Learning Library

The e-Learning Library project consists of more than ten hours of online courses based in the non-medical specialist areas of communication, management and professionalism. There are a total of 16 courses. These courses were designed and developed as a result of grant provided by the Rural Health Continuing Education Sub-program (RHCE) Stream One.

The project was originally developed as a means for continuing professional development of rural specialist medical practitioners. However, it was recognised early on as an important educational resource for trainees of the College, as well as for the continuing professional development of non-rural fellows and educational affiliates. As a result, the courses were made available to all College members, on the Learning Management System (LMS) of the RANZCR Learning Portal.

This project is in line with the outcomes identified in the Training Needs Analysis (TNA) undertaken in 2011, which identified that there was a need to introduce e-Learning for College Members and to ensure that these resources ought to be focussed on the non-medical expert domains. The e-Learning Library project courses are also shared with other medical colleges of the Committee of Presidents of Medical Colleges (CPMC).

Target Audience:

• Rural Clinical Radiologists and trainees
• Rural Radiation Oncologists and trainees
• Rural Members of the medical specialist colleges

e-Learning Library project courses:

• Communication Essentials: Internal Communication
• Communication Essentials: External Communication Part 1 & Part 2
• Communication Essentials: Performance Feedback  for Positive Change Part 1 & Part 2
• Management Essentials: The Role of Manager Part 1, Part 2 and Part 3
• Management Essentials: Managing Others
• Management Essentials: Understanding Self as Manager
• Management Essentials: Change Management Principles Part 1 & Part 2
• Management Essentials: Transitioning through Change Part 1 & Part 2
• Management Essentials: Conducting an Effective Meeting Part 1 & Part 2
• Management Essentials: Conflict Management Part 1 & Part 2
• Management Essentials: The Recruitment & Selection Process
• Management Essentials: Behavioural Interviewing Techniques
• Management Essentials: Work, Health & Safety Act (2011)
• Professionals’ Essentials: Characteristics of Clinical Leadership
• Professionals’ Essentials: Leadership Styles & Resilience
• Professionals’ Essentials: Leadership Skills

This Project has been funded by the Department of Health and Ageing under the Rural Health Continuing Education Sub-program (RHCE) Stream One which is managed by the Committee of Presidents of Medical Colleges. The College is solely responsible for the content of, and views expressed in any material associated with this Project.

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