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The 2016-2018 CPD triennium is now live and 2016 activities can now be recorded. Click here to log into the RANZCR Learning Portal now.

Download the 2016-2018 Radiation Oncology CPD Handbook here

The requirements for the 2016-2018 triennium are as follows:

1. Participants should accrue a minimum of 180 CPD points in the 2016-2018 triennium
2. Participants should accrue a minimum of 30 points per CPD year
3. Participants should accrue CPD points from a minimum of 3 categories in each triennium

The aim of the RANZCR Continuing Professional Development (CPD) Program is to assist participants to structure their ongoing learning. This learning will promote increased knoweldge and skills, not only in their chosen speciality of radiation oncology, but also in more generic areas associated with the practice of medicine.

For any questions regarding the CPD program please contact the CPD team at


For a list of eligible activities and their requisite point allocations and required verifications. 

For an outline of the post training experience known as the Fellowship experience of either one or two years duration. 

For an outline of the various postgraduate degree pathways that a fellow can pursue. 

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While the College has not made Continuing Professional Development (CPD) mandatory, AHPRA has, effective 1 July 2010. A description of the College audit process for CPD.