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Eligibility for Fellowship

There are a number of pathways towards Fellowship that are available for international medical graduates, depending on the assessment undertaken for specialist recognition. An international medical graduate (IMG) may be eligible for College Fellowship if they have:


  1. Entered the College training program in Australia, New Zealand or Singapore and sat and passed all College examinations;
  2. Been assessed as ‘partially’ comparable to an Australian or New Zealand trained Fellow of the College, sat and passed the College Part 2/Phase 2 examinations, and have had a minimum of five (5) years full time radiology or radiation oncology training and experience (or equivalent); 
  3. Been assessed as ‘substantially’ comparable to an Australian or New Zealand trained Fellow of the College from the evidence available and interview, and proceeded to specialist recognition under peer review; and was eligible for appointment to a specialist position (located at a training facility fully or partially accredited by the College with no conditions) to work under supervision/peer review for a period of up to 12months with appropriate professional/peer assessment; and upon satisfactory completion of this period and the required assessments, the IMG was recommended for unconditional specialist recognition; and completed a minimum of two years practice as a specialist in Australia;
  4. Qualifications and experience assessed by the College to be of ‘international reputation’, and are appointed to a very senior academic appointment (without a requirement to pass the College Part 2/Phase 2 examinations).

For those applicants in the peer review or international reputation categories, the application for admission to Fellowship must be supported by letters from two financial Fellows of the College. The supporting letters must attest to the IMG’s clinical competence as well as his/her professional attributes in order to ascertain whether their standard of practice is considered to be equivalent to that of a Fellow of the College. The College reserves the right to contact the applicant’s referees, any previous places of employment and other relevant bodies in order to obtain additional information, as required.

Further information:
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