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International Development

Over the years, the College has been financially supporting a number of ad hoc initiatives in radiology and radiation oncology in developing countries. With advice from the College Chief Executive Officer, the College Board made a decision to create a more fair and transparent process to provide small grants for overseas development work undertaken by College members.

This support by the College fills a critical need because radiology and radiation oncology services are both at the top-end of medical services and hence not readily available in most lower middle income countries (LMCs). The lack of access is largely due to the cost of the infrastructure and the limited availability of trained personnel.

The potential benefits of such international activities include not only improvement in patient care, but also raising the standard of clinical radiology and radiation oncology and developing these disciplines in other countries.

In 2013, the College Board approved an annual allocation of $30,000 (or approximately 0.35 per cent of the College income) to support international development work in radiology and radiation oncology.

  • All College individual members and groups are eligible to submit a request for a part of this funding for international development initiatives.
  • The College will form an International Development Assessment Committee (IDAC) to evaluate and determine which activities should be supported. 
  • Thirty per cent of the fund will be allocated to each specialty respectively, while 40 per cent will be allocated based on the assessment outcomes of IDAC.  
  • If the fund is not fully utilised during the year, any surplus will not be carried over to the subsequent year.
  • At end of each year, the College Board will receive a report on the status of all international development activities which received funding. At that stage, the Board will decide whether the amount of funding needs to be adjusted for the following year.

Proposals must be submitted by the end of March each year for funds to be provided for the following financial year (July-June).

Applications for 2017 now open!

2017 International Development Fund Application- applications close 31 March 2017

Position Statement on International Development Activities in Radiology and Radiation Oncology

Annual International Development Fund Guidelines