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Board of Directors

The College Board has eight members comprising the President, the Deans of the two Faculties, the Chair of the New Zealand Branch, three elected Fellows and a co-opted person who is not a member of the College. Of the eight Fellows at least three must be radiologists and two must be radiation oncologists.

The directors of the company (the College) bear all of the responsibilities and obligations of directors generally imposed by corporations law.

Role of the Board

The Board of Directors is responsible for:

  • Determining the RANZCR mission and purpose 
  • Ensuring effective planning and performance against plans
  • Monitoring and strengthening programs and services 
  • Ensuring effective communication with members
  • Selecting the Chief Executive Officer
  • Supporting and evaluating the Chief Executive Officer
  • Ensuring adequate resources 
  • Protecting assets and providing proper financial oversight
  • Ensuring legal and ethical integrity 
  • Assess its own performance 
  • Enhancing the College's public standing 


Greg Slater

Dr Greg Slater   

John Slavotinek

    Prof John Slavotinek
Faculty of
Clinical Radiology


Dr Dion Forstner
Faculty of
Radiation Oncology

 Directors for 2017

Following the recent elections to the Board, the membership of the Board from 1 January 2017 is:


Dr Greg Slater


Dean, Faculty of Clinical Radiology

 Prof John Slavotinek


Dean, Faculty of Radiation Oncology

Dr Dion Forstner


Chair, New Zealand Branch

Dr Lance Lawler


Elected Fellows

Dr Brigid Hickey



Dr Tom Snow



 Dr Peter Pratten


Non Fellow Director

Prof Vin Massaro