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The Board may establish committees to provide it with advice and to assist it in its various activities. Members appointed to committees serve in a voluntary and honorary capacity with varying terms of office as determined by Council.

College Committees

ASM Management Committee
Awards Committee
Branch Committees
Diagnostic Economic Committee (DEC)
JMIRO Editorial Board
Quality and Safety Committee
Radiology Workforce Committee
Standards of Practice and Accreditation Committee


Radiation Oncology Committees

Faculty Assessment Executive (AE)
Faculty of Radiation Oncology Media and Profile Committee
Faculty of Radiation Oncology Economics and Workforce Committee
Faculty of Radiation Oncology Education and Training Committee
Faculty of Radiation Oncology Quality Improvement Committee
Radiation Oncology Post Fellowship Education Committee (PFEC)
Radiation Oncology Research Committee
Radiation Oncology Trainees Committee
Training Network Directors Forum (TNDF)
Faculty of Radiation Oncology New Zealand Executive Committee


Radiology Committees

Board Task Force on Radiology Guidelines
Curriculum and Assessment Committee (CAC)
Radiology Continuing Professional Development (CPD) Committee
Clinical Radiology Education and Training Committee
Radiology Research Committee
Radiology Trainees Committee
Training Networks Co-ordinators Committee (TNCC)


Conjoint Committees

Tripartite Committee
Conjoint Committee for the Recognition of Training in CT Coronary Angiography