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College Committees

ASM Management Committee  

The ASM Management Committee aims to maintain consistency of the organisation process of the Annual Scientific Meeting from year to year.

Terms of Reference

Awards Committee

The Awards Committee meets once a year to consider the College’s Award and Honour applications.

Branch Committees

Each Branch elects Fellows who form the Branch Committee that represents the Branch at various events and meetings. The purpose and role of the Branch is to facilitate communication with and between members and provide a conduit of information to and from the College Board. The Branch also provides access to CPD opportunities within the State.

More Branch information...

Diagnostic Economic Committee (DEC)

The main aim of the Diagnostic Economic Committee is to review and analyse the economic impact of issues which affect the radiology profession and the provision of radiology services in Australia.

DEC Terms of Reference 

International Medical Graduate (IMG) Committee

The IMG Committee’s aim is to ensure the IMG processes are consistent and robust for Clinical Radiology and Radiation Oncology across Australia and New Zealand to ensure legislative compliance.

Journal of Medical Imaging and Radiation Oncology Editorial Board

The Editorial Board oversee's the development and management of the 'Journal of Medical Imaging and Radiation Oncology' which is the official journal of The Royal Australian and New Zealand College of Radiologists, publishing articles of scientific excellence in radiology and radiation oncology. Manuscripts are judged on the basis of their contribution of original data and ideas or interpretation. All articles are peer reviewed. On January 1, 2008, the journal changed its name from 'Australasian Radiology'.

Clinical Radiology Workforce Committee

The Radiology Workforce Committee provides the Faculty Council and College Board with information and advice on workforce issues. The Committee assists in planning to ensure sufficient workforce to meet demand in all locations. The Committee also facilitates engagement with fellows and key stakeholders in relation to workforce issues.

Radiology Workforce Committee Terms of Reference

Safety, Quality and Standards Committee

The Safety, Quality and Standards Committee is responsible for providing advice to the Faculty of Clinical Radiology, College committees, College members and external enquiries on safety, quality, standards and assocaited matters relating to diagnostic and interventional radiology.

Safety,Quality and Standards Committe Terms of Reference 

Quality and Safety Committee Strategic Framework

Reference Groups

College Reference Groups assist with the development and revision of policy and standards:

BMD Reference Group
Breast Imaging Reference Group
CT Reference Group
ehealth and IT Reference Group&
General X-ray and Fluoroscopy Reference group
MRI Reference group
Nuclear Medicine Reference Group
Paediatric Imaging Reference Group
Radiation Safety Reference Group
South Pacific Liaison Reference Group
Ultrasound Reference Group