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Special Interest Groups

The Board may from time to time establish Special Interest Groups of the College responsible to the Board. They are composed of members representing areas of specific interest within radiology or radiation oncology. Special Interest Groups comply with the Minimum Operation and Terms of Reference as set down by the College Board.

Radiology Groups

Radiology Special Interest Groups Terms of Reference

Australian and New Zealand Society of Paediatric Radiology (ANZSPR)

The Australian and New Zealand Society for Paediatric Radiology is a professional society for doctors with an interest in the medical imaging of children in Australia, New Zealand and neighbouring countries. Read more... 

Abdominal Radiology Group (ARGANZ)

Abdominal Radiology Group Australia and New Zealand (ARGANZ) is a not-for-profit group uniting radiologists from Australia and New Zealand who have a special interest in imaging and image guided treatment of patients with the diseases of abdominal organs. Read more... 

Australian and New Zealand Emergency Radiology Group (ANZERG)

ANZERG is a network of members interested in emergency and trauma radiology.  Read more...

Australian and New Zealand Rural Radiology Special Interest Group (ANZRRSIG)

ANZRRSIG is a network of members interested in rural and remote radiology across Australia and New Zealand.

Breast Imaging Group (BIG)

The aim of the group is to provide a network by which members, who have an interest in breast imaging can interact to learn and practice breast imaging within the College and externally.


Radiation Oncology Groups

Faculty of Radiation Oncology Breast Interest Group (FRO-BIG)

The aims of the Breast Interest Group are to promote best clinical practice for the management of breast cancer, and to enhance the profile of Radiation Oncology in the setting of breast cancer.

 Terms of Reference

FRO-BIG Executive Committee: Dr Gillian Lamoury (Chair), Dr Yvonne Zissiadis, Dr Apsara Windsor, Dr Sue Carroll, Dr Marcus Dreosti, Dr Marita Morgia

Faculty of Radiation Oncology RO Genito-Urinary Group (FROGG)

FROGG aims to promote good radio-therapeutic and oncological practice as part of multidisciplinary patient management. Read more... 

Gynaecological Oncology Radiation Oncology Collaboration (GOROC)

GOROC aims to facilitate and promote best-practice radiation therapy in gynaeco-logical cancers through establishment of clinical guidelines for practice in this area; and to raise the profile of brachytherapy for gynaecological cancers.

 Terms of Reference

GOROC Executive Committee: Viet Do (Chair), Susan Brooks (Deputy Chair), Lisa Sullivan, Pearly Khaw, Rebecca Chin, Karen Lim, Phillip Chan, Tiffany Daly

Faculty of Radiation Oncology Lung Interest Cooperative (FROLIC)

FROLIC is a newly formed special interest group within the Faculty, which aims to facilitate best-practice radiation therapy treatment of patients with lung cancers and other thoracic malignancies (including thymic tumours and mesothelioma) with a particular emphasis on educational and quality assurance activities. Read more...

Faculty of Radiation Oncology Paediatric Group

The Paediatric Group aims to maintain a network of radiation oncologists who manage paediatric patients in Australia and New Zealand to ensure the best quality of care by radiation therapy for children.

The Paediatric Group established a database for all children under 16 years of age who undergo a course of radiation treatment. The database has allowed us to document patterns of practice, and can be used to improve the care of children requiring radiation treatment. We encourage all College members to submit a completed form for each course of radiation treatment given to a child under your care, respecting the privacy and ethics issues relevant to your jursidication.

If you would like further information, contact the Co-Chair of Paediatric Group, Dr Mary Dwyer and Dr Greg Wheeler through the Faculty of Radiation Oncology

Asia-Pacific Radiation Oncology Special Interest Group (APROSIG)

The Asia-Pacific Radiation Oncology Special Interest Group (APROSIG) aims to develop interaction with and support for radiation oncologists and their staff in Low-income and Middle-income Countries (LMCs) in the Asia-Pacific region by developing and supporting bilateral exchange visits, education and training workshops and the twinning of departments in order to promote the delivery of radiotherapy treatments at internationally acceptable standards.

Terms of Reference

If you would like further information, please contact Dr Iain Ward and Dr Mei Ling Yap, Co-Chair of ARPOSIG.

FRO Australasian Palliative Radiation Oncology Trials Group (APROG)

The Australasian Palliative Radiation Oncology Trials Group (APROG) aims to foster palliative radiation therapy research by increasing participation in both national and international cooperative group trials and facilitate improvements in palliative radiation treatment delivery. In doing so the aim is to improve the outcomes for patients with metastatic or incurable malignancy.

 Terms of Reference

APROG Executive Committee: Chair - Kathy Pope Amy Shorthouse Lisa Sullivan Matthew Seel Daniel Roos Tanya Holt


Faculty of Radiation Oncology Particle Therapy Special Interest Group (PTSIG)

The Particle Therapy Special Interest Group (PTSIG) aims to bring together radiation oncologists to investigate and promote the role of particle therapy in the treatment of cancer, to ensure particle therapy is introduced in a coordinated way through a collaborative approach – to ultimately benefit patients

  Terms of Reference

For more information. please email


Joining a Special Interest Group

College Members interested in joining a Special Interest Group, should email the College