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The Faculties

There are two College Faculties – Clinical Radiology and Radiation Oncology – each headed by a Faculty Council and responsible for:

  • Promoting the study and advancement of knowledge in their respective disciplines
  • Promoting and encouraging high levels of skill and expertise and high ethical standards through a continuing professional development program and by other means
  • Assuring the quality and rigour of training and assessment of trainees in their respective disciplines
  • Promoting patient-orientation by focusing on and advocating for the needs of consumers and the community
  • Acting as an authoritative body in matters of public interest in connection with their respective disciplines
  • Fostering collaboration with clinicians and other health practitioners and other persons and organisations to further or advance knowledge in their respective disciplines
  • Encouraging research in matters connected with their respective disciplines.


Faculty of Clinical Radiology

Faculty of Radiation Oncology

Faculty Councils

The Faculty Councils manage the affairs of their Faculties under delegation from the Board and their primary responsibilities include:

  • Developing and overseeing annual business plans in accordance with the College’s strategic priorities
  • Providing oversight and direction of the committees of the Faculty
  • Determining the requirements for training (including curriculum, assessment and accreditation of training networks and sites)
  • Determining requirements for continuing professional development within the Faculty and to provide activities and resources to assist Faculty members in their  CPD endeavours
  • Undertaking the assessment of International Medical Graduates within their respective disciplines
  • Recommending the admission of candidates to Fellowship
  • Promoting research and innovation within the Faculty
  • Monitoring workforce supply and requirements, developing policy positions and advocating for funding for training positions
  • Monitoring, undertaking research, developing strategies and providing high level input and advice to government and key stakeholders to support the provision of high quality and sustainable patient services
  • Developing, supporting and enhancing safe and high quality standards of practice within the respective specialties
  • Engaging members in policy development and Faculty and College activities
  • Promoting the College and the Faculty, its activities and services, to members, governments, policy makers, key stakeholders and the community.


Faculty of Clinical Radiology Councillors 2017

Faculty of Radiation Oncology Councillors 2017