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The Quality and Safety Program aims to improve the quality and safety of radiology services in Australia through a number of implementation projects. 

This program has evolved from the Quality Use of Diagnostic Imaging (QUDI) Program with a greater focus on implementing the findings of the original QUDI projects.

Key Projects 



Key projects apply evidence into practice, with a wide range of activities designed to address issues of quality and safety in the provision of radiology services.





The aim of this resource is to provide consumers and health professionals with accurate, up to date and easily accessible information about medical imaging tests and procedures.

Ed Modules

A suite of stand-alone web-based educational modules that include a set of cases for each of the clinical scenarios, and incorporate the use of evidence-based decision support tools for appropriate referral for imaging.

The past QUDI Program (2005-2008) had four streams of projects that focused on the needs of the key groups of stakeholders involved in diagnostic imaging in Australia.