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Current Training Program

The current Radiation Oncology Training Program,  introduced from 1 December 2008, is a five-year program conducted in two phases:

  • Phase 1 of between 18-24 months duration;
  • Phase 2 of approximately 36-42 months duration (depending on the trainee’s progress through Phase 1). 

 For trainees in the current Radiation Oncology Training Program (entering from 1 December 2008):

  • All curriculum content is assessable and or examinable.
  • All must complete the full five years of training
  • All must meet the assessment requirements (formative and summative) of the current Radiation Oncology Training Program.




The requirements of the current program are contained in the RANZCR Radiation Oncology Training Program Curriculum, which can be viewed or downloaded as a complete document or in sections.

General Information for Trainees

You will find general information for trainees entering the current Radiation Oncology Training Program.




Trainee Progression

Trainees commencing in the Radiation Oncology training program will be provided with a Radiation Oncology Training Program Curriculum.


For detailed information on assessment tools for the current  Radiation Oncology Training Program.