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Training In Radiology

The current (post 2009) radiology training program is a five-year program which is completed in two phases. Phase 1 - Years 1-3, which focuses on general radiology training and Phase 2 - Years 4-5, which focuses on rotations for advanced radiology training.


Australian Training Positions

Candidates must meet the pre-requisites for entry into the training program.

Appointments for accredited training positions are advertised directly through the training hospitals.  Candidates are advised to liaise directly with the training hospitals. Each training hospital recruits at different times of the year and from time to time advertises in the Australian newspapers.

Pre-requisites for entry into the training program

Radiology Public Register of Accreditation

All approaches to Departments in respect of training positions should be made in writing to the Director. The College is unable to assist you in securing a training position.

In addition, you may be able to locate a position via Health Department and Area Health Network websites and Australian or New Zealand newspapers which are available on the Internet. For example, the website contains the employment section from newspapers such as The Sydney Morning Herald and The Age.