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Coal Workers Pneumoconiosis

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The Royal Australian and New Zealand College of Radiologists (RANZCR) has launched the first version of a CWP Register, listing the clinical radiologists who are available to report on chest X-rays to screen Australian miners for coal workers pneumoconiosis (CWP), in line with the ILO Classification. This follows the re-emergence of a small number of cases of CWP, also known as ‘coal miners lung’ disease or ‘black lung’ disease, which has not been seen in Australia for the last twenty years.

Selection criteria for the Register;

RANZCR invited expressions of interests from members who are experienced and available to report on CWP. Their applications have been reviewed by the Faculty of Clinical Radiology, based on the following criteria;

  • experience in reporting screening radiographs for pneumoconiosis,
  • familiarity with the ILO classification and willing to report using the Classification, and
  • sufficient caseload of referrals to maintain their competence in this area.


Get involved

This CWP Register will be updated regularly. If you are a clinical radiologist who is interested in joining the register or if you require any further details, please feel free to contact;