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A primary focus of Education and Research within the College is to foster a culture of enquiry. We aim to actively support research as a part of training and in the professional lives of our members. To achieve this, we will create a culture of lifelong learning and foster a commitment to research, which is an integral part of medicine. The College plans to provide resources, tools and support to assist those engaged in research, those embarking on research for the first time, as well as those following research to stay current.


Research is important for clinicians because it links the clinical experience and evidence base to the laboratory which lends itself to statistical and trend analyses, collaboration, discovery and ultimately to positive impacts on patient diagnosis, care and safety.


The College awards research prizes and grants to members and students to foster a culture of research and support research projects.


Research opportunities are available from a number of different institutions/organisations throughout Australasia, the Americas and Europe.


Researchers are encouraged to publish articles in our very own peer reviewed publication, The Journal of Medical Imaging and Radiation Oncology (JMIRO), as well as in any number of well regarded journals and publications.

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