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All trainees entering the RANZCR Radiation Oncology Training Program from December 2008 (New Zealand) and January 2009 (Australia & Singapore) are entering the current (as opposed to the old) training program.

With the discovery of X-rays in the late 19th century and the pioneering study of radioactivity by Marie Curie and colleagues in the early 1900s, came a new era in medicine.

Trainees entering the Radiation Oncology Training Program from 1 December 2008 will be entering the current training program.

Trainees who entered the RANZCR Radiation Oncology Training Program prior to 1 December 2008 are considered as trainees in the old training program.

Fellowship is awarded on the basis that trainees complete all the requirements of their five-year training program. Once they transition to Fellowship, they will have access to study abroad opportunities and will be able to continue their learning through the College CPD program.