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Tripartite Radiation Oncology Practice Standards

The Tripartite Radiation Oncology Practice Standards and Supplementary Guide were officially launched at the DoHA Quality in Radiation Oncology Symposium held in Melbourne on 10 August 2011. The Standards were developed to assist facilities to achieve best practice by providing a framework of requirements, while the Supplementary Guide was developed to assist radiotherapy facilities in implementing and working towards achieving the Standards.

In 2013, Radiation Oncology Working Group (ROWG), an advisory group to the Ministry of Health New Zealand, has adapted these standards for use in New Zealand.


Faculty Position on Quality Issues

Quality Improvement is an area in which the Faculty of Radiation Oncology is working to augment. The Faculty's commitment to quality, continuous improvement and best practice is generally reflected in the Faculty activities. The Faculty has developed a number of key position papers with the view to achieving higher quality standard.