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The main focus of the Training, Assessment and Accreditation team is to provide world standard educational, training and assessment programs which equip Fellows, trainees and members with the knowledge and skills to practise radiology and radiation oncology at the highest standards throughout their working life.


In 1998, the Australian Medical Council (AMC) undertook to review all specialist medical training programs in Australia due to growing complaints that these programs did not follow modern pedagogical principles.


The College has produced a curriculum document outlining the structure of each of the programs, including the knowledge and skills the College expects trainees to develop throughout the training program. 

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The College has produced an Assessment Guide and conducts bi-annual workshops for our trainers (Directors of Training and Clinical Supervisors).  Additionally, further resources are available to facilitate the delivery of effective teaching and assessment.

EA Review




In late 2014 the College commissioned a review of its assessment and examination processes for Fellowship training.